Meet the Team

Our highly experienced multi-disciplinary team ensures

you have the highest quality skills and expertise

available at every step of your care.

Vicki Rushton is an experienced midwife who brings over 30 years experience of clinical practice as well as her own practical experience of motherhood to ensure you receive the highest standard of multi disciplinary care. Vicki is available to support you through the antenatal and postnatal stage of your pregnancy. She also works part time as a midwife at the Prince of Wales Private Hospital delivery suite and will always endeavour to provide advice and support during your labour if she is available.

Vicki Rushton

Eva has 10 years experience in the administrative side of obstetrics and neonatology and is always on hand to promptly answer your questions or deal with any concerns you may have. She is able to assist you with the hospital booking process and provide you with any general information. She is a dedicated mother to two teenage boys and is passionate about helping support you through pregnancy and finally meeting your little one. Dhara and Eva have worked as a close team since 2012.

Eva Cosgrove

Personalised care
for women in
all stages of life.

Dhara is supported by a highly skilled and qualified team that adopt a meticulous approach to your health care needs.  Our uniquely personalised services are designed to meet individual needs.