Experience matters

Having a baby is a very exciting and important time for you and your family, and you will want to ensure that you have the best quality care available throughout your antenatal and postnatal journey.

Elle Pannowitz is a qualified and experienced midwife who brings over 20 years of clinical practice and her own practical experience of motherhood to ensure that you receive the highest standard of multi-disciplinary care throughout the antenatal period. She will also visit you in your home after the birth and hospital discharge at no additional cost, a service that is invaluable at a time when most women need and appreciate the extra support of a qualified health care professional. Additional home visits can also be negotiated with Elle, as it can be very beneficial to have access to professional support as you negotiate your new parenting role. Elle can be contacted on mobile phone 0401 385 609 or contact my clinic for more details.

Elle PannowitzQualified and Certified Midwife